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Eye Mask Tutorial

ho reperito le istruzioni per costruire la mascherina di Audrey in Colazione da Tiffany

Materials Needed:

Felt (a few different colors of your choice)
Soft/Silky fabric (for back side to comfort sleepy eyes)
Embroidery floss (bright colors make the best accents)
Elastic (enough to fit around your melon)
Hot glue gun
Trim – your choice (buttons, lace, bedazzles, plastic doll eyes, ribbons, etc.)
Paper (to make your patterns out of)

Okay here we go…

  1. Trace out patterns on a piece of paper. Most importantly you’ll need a large pattern for the main body of the eye mask. You can really make this as small or large as you desire. I like mine medium sized; just enough to fit over my eyes and block out enough light. I have made a large one before but it got in the way when I slept. Adorning them with too much trim can get in the way when you’re sleeping as well so be sure to keep that in mind.

You should have one main eye mask pattern, one eye lash pattern and one eye lid pattern.

  1. Take your patterns and pin them on the felt you want to use and cut them out accordingly.

You should have two main eye mask pieces (front & back), two eye lash pieces and two eye lid pieces.

You will need to cut out one more main eye mask piece from your soft/silky fabric to make three main eye mask pieces all together.

  1. Take one of your main eye mask pieces and hand sew each end of your elastic to each side of what will be the back of your eye mask. Be sure you sew this pretty strong you don’t want it popping off during your beauty rest.

  1. Now take your front main eye mask piece and glue it to the back main eye mask piece just around the edges using your hot glue gun but be sure to leave an opening for stuffing. *You do not need a lot of glue for this just enough to give some sort of hold. Plus, if you use too much glue it will make it hard to hand sew with your floss later on.

  1. This is where I start to adorn my mask but the order from this point is really up to you. I took my eye lash pieces and adorned them with sequined ribbon and then I took the eye lid pieces and adorned it with vintage gold rick-rack trim and some of my silky pink fabric. You can also put any gold trim around the entire outer piece as well to make it more like Holly Golightly’s in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  1. Take all three main eye mask pieces and make sure they are layered properly; Front pieces on top, back felt piece w/elastic in the middle and the bottom piece should be your soft/silky pieces. Pin them together and hand sew with a brightly colored (any color you desire) embroidery floss around the edges again leaving an opening to stuff it. You can use any embroidery style you want for this, I have tried a few different styles but I tend to stick with the easy ones because I am still a beginner embroiderer. Once you come to the opening you left, begin to stuff at your desired amount. *If it’s too puffy it won’t block the light out very well. Once you’re finished stuffing you can finish hand sewing with your floss to close it off. When I come to where the elastic parts are I make sure to sew through them with my floss just make sure it’s going to be super strong. The glue helps with this too.

You are now finished! There are so many different ways you can do this. I have so many ideas now just after typing this up. You can stuff them with rice, flax seed or lavender but if you do this you may want to use a cotton fabric rather than felt and sew it up with your sewing machine. There are tons of tutorials out there on the lovely Internet.
So who is bored to death now? (Mom wake up!!!) I know how much my mom loves crafts. For those of you who have not fallen into a deep coma from reading this I hope you enjoyed it. Please send me pics if you happen to make any of your own – I would LOVE to see them. Also, if you happen to use this tutorial on your own blog I would really appreciate some link love – but NO PRESSURE!

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